So, another camper is for sale on eBay. It’s in Pennsylvania, about 500 miles from here. So, it would be some driving. Currently $830 with 2 days left. The last one went from $1,100 to $1,800 in the last two hours of the auction, so I’m not holding my breath… Anyway…

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The description:

1990 truck camper for compact truck 7 feet, sleeps 4, water: 1-5 gallons.

This is a Jayco pop up truck camper for compact truck toyota, nissan ranger etc. can also be used on a full size .Has a furnace, 3way fridge ,stove also a water pump i installed with outside shower,and a power tv antennae and sink.very nice unit not been smoked in at all. Over winter did develope a leak in top left hand corner should be a easy fix .also has slight dent in metal on right hand corner no damage at all though . this is a well made unit just needs a lil spruceing up will make someone a great camper .The reason we are selling is because we bought a motor home last fall has a low reserve. thank you

In my typical fashion, I sent some questions (answers are in italics):
Jayco Camper

  1. I’ve never had a truck camper before. I’ve got a toyota pickup. Will this include what I need to attach it to my truck? It will fit nicely on a toyota pick up we used it on one
  2. Are the jacks and stuff like that included? it includes everything to attatch it tere the jacks go with it
  3. I assume the furnace, fridge, and pumps all work? all the appliances work
  4. If I hook it up to AC power, what equipment/lights does the AC power work for, and what does it need DC for? AC will work lights fridge furnace pump the DC converter is to work the stuff when on the road with no hook up availible
  5. How does the water work? Is there a fresh H2O tank and a grey H2O tank, or what? there is a pump and holding tank for the water
  6. What all is aftermarket? outside shower
  7. What weather have you used the camper in? summer/winter, etc.. How did you keep cool in the summer? How long have you had the camper? we camped only in summer but the man before us used it in alaska i think wiuld be cold though we have a fan we use to cool off we have owned it maybe 10 yrs
  8. How does the porta potty work? (do you take the whole thing out and dump it, or what?) i think the porta potty has a tank you take off and dump
  9. Could you give more dimensions on the the thing? How long is it (bed length and overall) and how wide (bed and overall)? it is 37inches between the wheel wells 86 inches long
  10. Is there a table? yes there is a table that makes into another bed
  11. You said in a response to another question: ‘alos sating on canvas’. Could you explain what that means needs done? For the metal work, were you talking about the dent? How big is the dent? the dent is minor and does not leak does not need anything he a little staining on the canvas which can be cleaned i will try to do before it is sold just needs washed never been smoked in

This one looks interesting. If the price stays right, I’ll be bidding.

Update: The bidding has ended on the camper. It ended up going for $1,580. 3 minutes before bidding ended, the bid was $1,256. It was $890 2 hours before bidding ended.

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