So, I was wandering around the local Walmart over the weekend and in the fruit section, noticed a unique looking package on one of the endcaps. It said “Grapple: Looks like an apple, tastes like a grape”.

So, I thought to myself, “that might be interesting. $3.97 for four of the things. Not very cheap. But, it might be fun to try. I wonder what they are”. I’ve been on something of an apple kick the past few months, so at that point I figured I could weather the storm of losing $3.97 just this once, and put them in my cart. They looked kind of like a pale apple. Or, to think of it another way, a really dull apple. One of those apples that will shine up nice and shiney, but looks really dull upon first glance.

So, I got them to the checkout line. The bagger commented on them and how much they smelled like grapes. She hadn’t ever tried them. I got them home and decided I’d try one. I took it out of the carton.. Hmm.. Felt about like an apple. The skin might not have been quite as firm, but still basically an apple. A note on the carton said to wash before eating, like all other fruit. So, I gave it a good washing. A somewhat strong grape smell was flooding my senses. I bit into the Grapple. Hmm.. White on the inside, just like an apple. But, a definite grape flavor was evident, along with the apple taste. This required further investigation. Apparently a Grapple is nothing more than a Washington Fuji apple that has been processed (in a patent-pending way) to infuse the grape flavor. Fuji apples work better than other apple types, according to the propoganda. I could definitely tell it was an apple, but there was a serious grape taste as well. It tasted like grape Koolaid, or a grape soda without the fizz. It was very nice and sweet. Eating the thing was more like eating candy than eating fruit. According to the website, no sugar or anything is added. It’s just grape flavoring and a Fuji apple. Very interesting. After I finished the apple, I had to stop myself from eating a second one.

Would I buy more? Probably not. A buck an apple is a bit pricey for my tastes. But, I would recommend trying them if I were you. They are neat to try once. They have a survey on their website asking what future flavors would work well in an apple. So, they can obviously infuse just about anything they want.

Toastabags – cook a meal in your toaster!

Gimmick, or fantasy? Basically, if you have one of those oversized toasters (I do) you just plop a sandwich into the bag, throw it into the toaster, and end up with a toasted meal.

I’ve already got one of those sandwich makers that lookes like a waffle maker that does something similar (probably better, to be honest) but cleanup on it is a real pain when cheese drains out into the little crevasses..

So, I’m not going to get them right now.. ($11.85 for a 2-pack) but I suppose they are something to keep in mind.

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