It’s currently 2:04:15. I’m going to see how much of a pain it is to put up a post with a pic in it.

the flash uploader didn’t work well.

That was from the browser uploader. I told it to ‘insert into post’ and had medium selected.

It’s now 2:07:51.

If I want to have that same thing on the right side, with text flowing around it, I can add an (align=”right”) inside the ‘img’ tag.. can change the width’s and height’s, too. It’s good, if one is going to rwap things, to make sure

that I have enough text to actually wrap around it.

Let’s look at fonts. Let’s say I want to change fonts.. Hmm.. I think I have my editor set to not show me the graphical editor version.

That’s a problem. But, I suspect it can be solved, given enough effort.

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