It’s cold here in Central Illinois.

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The radio was saying thirteen degrees below zero this morning when I got up. I often use the external thermometer on my Camry as an indication of just how cold it is. When I got in the car to head to work, it was showing 37 degrees in the garage. I can tell, by how fast the temperature drops, just how cold it is outside.

I hopped in the Camry and headed to work. The temperature gauge started dropping.. four degrees at a time. (Normally it drops by two). By the time I got to Kirby Avenue it was showing 12 degrees. By the time I got to State Street it was at 5 degrees. Neil Avenue brought one degree. It stayed at one degree for a couple of minutes. I temporarily wondered if the Camry had trouble going below positive numbers. But, as I was heading up Neil it dropped to zero. By the time I got to Green Street it was at four below, and on Springfield it settled into nine degrees below zero and stayed there until I got to work.

My officemate said that he rode his bike in. He’s tougher than me. He said that he had to stop once and put his hands under his arms to warm them up. The parking garage is emptier than normal. People don’t seem to be real excited about coming in today.

Someone just said:

“They’re running short on adjectives in the weather pages, they start doing things like saying “very very bitterly bitterly cold” LOL”
and a response:
“insanely cold would work”

It’s supposed to be around twelve below again tonight. After that it is supposed to warm up. Let’s hope that happens.

I know that others have it a lot worse. I’m not complaining. Just wanting everyone to know what it’s like here in Illinois.

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