Woke up on Saturday morning around 7:30. Brian was planning to shower first, so I looked outside and saw that it was really foggy. Mariya got a couple of donuts from the front complimentary breakfast, and they were pretty poor stuff. She also grabbed several packets of jelly and jam. Handy for the PB&J sandwiches at the condo. I went and checked out the breakfast and was similarly unimpressed (but picked up a few more packets). As a group, we decided to to go to the McDonalds across the street for some quick breakfast food. We wanted to be out of Hays by around 9:00am. That would put us in Denver by about 1pm. I got us checked out of the hotel, and Mariya and myself walked across the street to the McDonalds, and Brian drove. It was a neat McDonalds. There was a fireplace there that was quite nice. It was about 34 degrees, so it wasn’t real cold, but the fireplace was neat. The Truman State basketball team was eating at the McDonalds also. Brian was taller than most of them.

Brian drove the first leg. It was really windy. We stopped in Limon for gas and a bathroom break, and I took over the driving. It was too cloudy to see the mountains. Normally, I can see the mountains (Pike’s Peak, in particular) around Limon. It didn’t work out this time, though. I was sorely disappointed. Meanwhile, I had tried to call King Soopers to get the new price on the lift tickets. Before the trip, Breckenridge had “holiday pricing” in effect. This meant that, even through King Soopers, and 4 of 6 day pass was going to cost $332. That was a lot of money. The non-holiday pricing started on January 4th, though, which was Sunday, the first day that we had planned to be on the lift. When I called, they didn’t know what the cheaper pricing would be. They wouldn’t know until the computers were updated. They didn’t know if the price would go up or down. Basically, they didn’t know anything that we wanted to know. I had been calling the King Soopers in Youngfield as well as the King Soopers on 104th avenue, near where the Cinzzetti’s is at. We drove past a lot of really strange looking trees between Limon and Denver. Colorado has about 450 miles on i70, and Limon is approximately at the 350. Denver is around the 275. About the time we got to the 305, Mariya had estimated that she was an hour away from where she needed to pick up the skis. So, she called the lady and said she’d be there in an hour. The lady had just left the house, but her daughter was supposed to be at home. We drove into Denver and took the exit for i270 (I think it was around exit 279). That took us northwest to where it turned into highway 36. 18 miles on highway 36 and we were at the McCaslin exit where we needed to get off. We stayed on that road for a while, and then turned onto another road. It was supposed to be 0.6 miles on that road. Mariya had the directions for leaving that place and going back to Cinzzetti’s, so she was translating them in reverse. We drove 0.6 miles… nothing… We drove on, and I finally got to a point where I was confident that we would have seen it if were going to. So, I fired up google maps on my phone and activated the GPS. We had passed where it was supposed to be, so we headed back. Long story short, the exit to the place was only visible on traffic heading in that direction. A median prevented us from seeing the turnoff from the other direction. So, we got into the subdivision and quickly found the house we were looking for. Mariya and myself went inside. Mariya tried on the boots and thought they would be good enough. I then went back outside and she took care of the rest of the transaction. Then, we were off to the Cinzzetti’s area.

We got back on 36 for a while and got off at 104th avenue, but we were about 5 miles from where we needed to be. So, we drove through some nice new subdivisions. We saw some absolutely huge houses. Probably 4 stories high. Right on the golf course, and a nice view of the mountains, which we couldn’t see because of the clouds. We had planned to go to a King Soopers (that was east of Cinzzetti’s) first, because we wanted the dinner menu at Cinzzettis’, which didn’t start until 3pm. We had made it into town about 1:30. We happened to see another King Soopers west of Cinzzetti’s so we hopped in there to check out the lift ticket situation. Finally we got some useful information. The nice lady at the guest services area told us that prices are updated at 5:01pm. Since it was about 2:15, we knew that we had a while to wait. We decided to go ahead and get our food that we knew we would need. We got various things (shopping bill to follow). Then, we decided to go to Cinzzetti’s! I found the place pretty quick, and we made our way in.

The food at Cinzzetti’s doesn’t change very often. Mariya hadn’t been there, and I think she liked it. We all liked it. The food is good, but it is buffet style ($15.99 for weekend supper). There’s just no getting away from that. They have certain dishes that they have all the time, and those have their names painted on the sneeze guards. It’s good, though. They have nice desserts. They advertise 16 flavors of gelato, but they don’t actually have any gelato. It’s all ice cream. I had some cinnamon ice cream, which was good. Mariya had some tiramisu and declared it OK. The pizza was good. I liked the mozzarella sticks, but Mariya didn’t care for them. They didn’t have chicken parmesan, but they had eggplant. I got some chicken (honey, or something like that) but it wasn’t anything special. Mariya and myself got water. Brian got a soda ($1.89).

I had a couple of plates of food, and decided to get some dessert before my tummy got full. I didn’t end up getting any real food after that. We all managed to fill up, and then we were ready to head out. This was around 4:45, probably.

We hopped in the car, and I headed to the King Soopers/gas station in western Denver. We got to the gas station around 5, so we knew we would be in good shape for the King Soopers ticket timing. After gas, I headed over to King Soopers. I took the wrong turn and ended up behind a building a little ways down from the King Soopers. After crossing under the interstate, I should have turned left quickly and headed back. But, I didn’t. So, live and learn. We made it into the King Soopers parking lot and found our way to the service desk (after initially going in the wrong door). They had a computer kiosk where we could look up ticket prices. The 4 of 6 tickets were $292! That was $40 less than they had been before 5pm. So, Brian and myself got 4of6, and Mariya got a 3of5 (since she was going to have a day taking lessons). When we left King Soopers, Brian decided to drive. We headed into the front range, and the weather stayed pretty good. Back around Limon, we had put in some predictions on when we would first see snow. I had guessed Denver. Brian had guessed the tunnel, and Mariya had guessed about 5 miles before the tunnel. By “snow”, we meant snow on the side of the road. We didn’t have snow in Denver. We actually hit snow about 10 miles before the tunnel. The roads stayed excellent, though. At the tunnel, we could see the groomers working on the Loveland ski area. We made it through the tunnel, and the roads actually stayed quite nice! We came down the other side and made it to our turnoff at Frisco. This was Mariya’s first good chance to see a nice Mountain town all decked out for skiers. There were lights everywhere, and it was quite pretty. Then we headed further south and made it into Breckenridge. We went through several lights and finally made it to the one we wanted. We headed up Park Avenue and worked our way around to the Ski Hill condos. We were in building 2 (Boreas) and we quickly found it. Building 1 (American) is closest to Ski Hill Road, and it works its way back from there. When we were in Ski Hill 36, we were in Building XX (4?).

I grabbed a load of luggage and headed to 14. After punching in the code, the door opened, and we were in our condo. The condo is definitely different than the other condos we have stayed in. It has pergo flooring in the main dining room/living room area, carpet in the bedrooms, and ceramic tile everywhere else. The unit has supposedly been remodeled recently. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The master bedroom has the bathroom attached to it (no doors in between). It has a large shower with dueling showerheads and dual sinks. The toilet is off on the side with no door or anything. The second bathroom has a separate room for the shower/toilet, and the floors have radiant floor heat in both bathrooms. The kitsch is western/colorado/skier themed.

When we got all of our luggage in the condo, we decided to drive to the ski shop. It isn’t very far from the condo, but it is handy to have the car to transport the skis. We got in there. I got my skis waxed ($8), Mariya got her skis tuned for a beginning skier and waxed ($15), and Brian got himself set up for a set of demo skis. They looked up the price on them, and the skis alone (no bindings, boots, or poles) were over $1,000. They suggested that I get my skis edged as well, but that would have taken until the next morning, and I wanted to be on the slopes by then. We loaded up the skis and headed back to the condo.

It was quite cold during the evening. It was supposed to be down around zero degrees, and it was probably a little bit colder than that.

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