On the hunt to have some auto work done (brakes, to be specific), I asked around for some suggestions on places to use, and places to avoid in Champaign Urbana. Here, for your viewing pleasure, the results of a simple, informal poll:

  • SpeedLube on University (near.. 3rd or so) gets a thumbs up for being fast and cheap.
  • Midas on University gets a thumbs up for free labor on a minor repair
  • O’Brien gets a solid thumbs down.
  • The place on Cunningham north of University (Meineke?) gets a thumbs down for upselling.
  • Ron’s in northeast Urbana gets a double thumbs up
  • Myler Automotive (off of Parkland Ct) gets a thumbs up from two different people
  • Beaumont Alignment, Gasoline Alley gets a thumbs up
  • Peter B’s gets a thumbs-up from one person, and another has heard good things about them
  • Good things have been heard about the Brake Shop (on Springfield) but no personal experience.
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