A while back, I bought an all in one printer/fax/copier/scanner to use with my business that I’m getting started.

I bought the Canon imageclass mf3240 laser, and I’ve been pretty happy with it. My only complaint has been that it basically took over my phone line and I haven’t been able to use my home phone to receive calls. If someone calls, I have about 2 seconds to answer a phone or the fax machine thinks it is getting an incoming fax and starts playing annoying beeps in the ears of those that are calling.

My problem seems to stem from having multiple phones on multiple extensions. Supposedly, it can be fixed easily enough if you hang the answering machine and main phone off of the fax machine.

Tonight I decided to get this fixed so that it worked as it should, and I would be able to get phone calls or faxes.

After looking through the manuals for the Canon, I found that it has a ‘Receive Mode’ that can be set to various things, from FaxOnly to AnsMode to FAX/TEL. I first started out with FAX/TEL. I thought that it would take care of my problem. But, it didn’t work right when I called from another phone. Then, I tried AnsMode. That worked right for a regular phone call, but I needed a way to see if it would receive incoming faxes properly. So, I started googling for fax back services. The first thing I ran across was a San Francisco Rent Board website that would send out faxes. So, I decided to try it. I called the number up, told it send me the annual statistics (on something) and waited. The phone rang. The answering machine picked up, said a couple of words and went quiet. Then, the little ‘Processing/Data’ light on the machine started blinking.. and blinking.. and blinking..

After several minutes I decided to call the home phone from another phone.. Got a busy signal. Then I picked up a home phone. It was just quiet. I could talk, and hear myself. So, I unplugged the fax machine from the phone line. After a few seconds it beeped the “I’m done receiving” beep and started printing. 14 or 15 pages later, it had finished.

So, I thought that I had things going. But, I wanted to find another faxback service to do some additional testing. More googling led me to:


Basically, that’s a two way fax testing service. You send a one page fax to 1-888-hpfaxme and a few minutes later you get a fax back. You know that your machine is sending faxes properly, and you know that your machine is receiving faxes properly. How cool is that? And useful.

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